ファッション誌やCMで活躍中のモデル 甲斐まりかさんによる旅エッセイ『Marika’s Passport』。3歳で東京を離れてから、マレーシア、タイ、ドイツなどの日本人学校やインターナショナルスクールへ通い、いろいろな国でさまざまなカルチャーに触れながら育った彼女だからこそ感じることを、英語と日本語で綴ります。 タイトルのパスポートとは、足跡の意味。彼女が歩いてきた道、旅した道を一緒に辿ってみましょう。  

Spain is known as the Land of Passion. Unquestionably, anyone who has visited the country would agree to this statement. It is not just the sun and the ocean but also the culture and the lifestyle that associate to the word ‘passion’, for instance, bullfighting and flamenco. However, the bizarre experience I encounter everytime I visit Spain is that it always feels as if it is my first time in the country. As I recall my memories from the past three visits, each one of them highlights different memories and experiences.


Flamenco definitely symbolizes Spanish passion. As I used to dance classical ballet for a long time, I get very excited about other dances and musicals. I was mesmerized by the first time seeing real flamenco because it was much more powerful than expected as well as the dancers’ passion and expressiveness was on fire.

スペインの情熱を代表するのがフラメンコ! クラシックバレエを長年習っていた私はダンスやミュージカルがとても大好きなので、ワクワクしかなかった。初めて観た生のフラメンコは想像するものよりもはるかに力強く、ダンサーの表情も少し色っぽくて刺激的だった。

Spain is a place where I can recharge and reflect. Unlike Paris and London, the city is more energetic and passionate. That is the reason why I tend to come back once in a while not only just for the food. Compared to other cities in Spain, Barcelona is a city that never bores any visitor no matter who you are with. When I first visited with my parents, we had a typical touristy stay which included nice meals at famous restaurants as well as shopping time with my mother and making a day trip to outer side of the centre. With a big group of friends last year, we stayed in a massive airbnb and our purpose was less about tourism and more about hopping bars and spending fun time together.


Spain is one one of the most popular countries in Europe and I personally think it is a country that would not disappoint anyone. In fact, the passion that you feel from visiting such beautiful country brings back tourists to repeat their experiences but in a different way each time.



To not disappoint anyeone
誰もがっかりさせないということです。”to disappoint”という動詞は、失望させると言う意味です。